Weber County DUP Museum

Enjoy a step back in time ...

​A pride in and love of history is a common thread among our docents at the Museum.
Every day there are opportunities to make discoveries of the past to
share with those that come to the Museum.

It has been said, “Without the past there is no future.'

”The pioneers of Weber County were committed to family, to faith, and to a
​better future. That is what made the difference between success and failure. Their sacrifice, hard work, and devotion were passed on to their children and continues to be the foundational work ethic and pioneering spirit of Weber County residents today.

Explore the levels of the museum and experience the trials and jubilations of these determined people through the many artifacts and exhibits on display.

The Museum houses artifacts depicting pioneer life. There are many exhibits such as history, pottery, Native American artifacts, farm displays, farm equipment, and guns. Guests also enjoy early day kitchen, bedroom, and parlor displays. A research and collections room with items dating from the early 1800's to current timesis also on site.

A Top Rated Pioneer Museum ~