A Top Rated Pioneer Museum ~

Weber County DUP Museum


Honor a friend or family member by donating to the  Weber county

daughters of utah pioneers (DUP) in

their memory and name

 It's a meaningful way to pay tribute and show

how they live on in your heart

What better way is there to honor a loved one than to make a gift in their memory that supports lifesaving care and life-changing hope for children?

Your memorial donation is a fitting tribute to a special

Daughter of the Weber County DUP.

"In Memory Of"  Donations can be used to recognize a

Weber County DUP member for their service, achievements,

and support to the Weber County DUP.

Please take comfort in knowing that your loved one's

memory will be honored by your donation which will be

used to remember the lives and achievements of Utah

pioneers, especially those who founded our

Weber county communities.

in the foyer to the Museum.

The donor(s) receives a donation