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Weber County

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

​History Department
The Weber County Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) are committed to remembering our Utah Pioneers, especially those who founded our Weber County communities.  

We have several collections. They are:

Pioneer History Collection:
Consists of pioneer histories of Weber County Pioneers written by DUP members
and submitted to DUP

Research Collection:
Consists of, locality history books, pamphlets, booklets, articles, and other research
materials. These are available in the Research Center for visitors doing research.

Historical Books:
Consists of various Biographies, Family Histories, articles, and old LDS Church
books, miscellaneous old school books, and other research materials.

Books and Booklets:
Consists of various books of different historical subjects, booklets, pamphlets,
​ programs, dedications, and other documents.

Newspapers & Periodicals:
Consist of newspapers from the Deseret News, ranging from 1849 to 1947. These
documents are not stable but are available at the Weber County Library on film.

Locality Histories:
Consist of histories of settlements, forts, schools, towns, mills, etc.

​If you want to see or read the histories or historical documents that we have, you are welcome to come to the museum and visit the Research Department.  

The history department is staffed by a volunteer, and generally, she or the curator can assist you in person if you have any questions or are looking for someone or something special.  

Their schedules vary so call ahead or email us at info@weberdupmuseum.org if you want personal assistance.  Someone will contact you and discuss your request, or arrange a time to meet so that you can get the information that you need.

​The collection of historical documents is located in the basement in the Research Room of the museum. 

The histories are listed alphabetically.  There is a page, or pages, for each letter of the alphabet.

After you reviewing the index of our histories and documents that we have you can request copies of them.  Please fill out the Order Form for the copies that you need.  We have to have all names of women (maiden name and all married names). We file all women by a married name. 

If you have questions on any of the listed individuals or historical documents, you have the option of calling the museum, emailing us at info@weberdupmuseum.org, or visiting the museum so that you have the opportunity to look at the histories or documents before you order them.

​We are continually updating our lists of histories or historical documents, so check back to see if there are any others of interest.

The history listings are located on the website under the History category.

In order to get a copy of the histories or documents, you will need to fill out the Request Order Form. Orders must be paid for in advance.

The form can be emailed, mailed, or brought to the museum.  We do not accept requests by phone or fax.

Copies of histories are available for purchase using the following two methods:

CD’s: If the history has been digitized, you can request that a copy of the
history be put on a CD, if not, at this time you will only be able to get paper

History Paper Copies:Copies can be made for each history that is ordered.

The History Price List is located on the website under the History category.  We do not accept requests by phone or fax.

​The copies that you ordered can be mailed to youor you can pick them up at the museum.

We are striving to always provide the most complete and accurate records.  If you have information on a history or historical document you would like to share, please email us at info@weberdupmuseum.org or call us at 801-393-4460 and leave a message and someone will contact you.

​If you would like to submit a history of an ancestor, please use the DUP Title Page.  You can get a copy of this page in the History Category or pick one up at the Museum.
We encourage writing of histories of those pioneers we do not have in our files. We notice there are many native pioneers that settled in Weber County -- those born in the geographic area covered by the State of Deseret/Utah Territory before 10 May 1869 -- for whom we do not have histories on file.  

The Museum welcomes donations of histories of ancestors or other historical documents of pioneers that settled in Weber County.  If you have some histories that you would like to donate please contact the Museum’s Curator and she can help you with your donation.

​We would like to have an original of the history.  If not, you can scan a copy of the original history which will need to be the best copy of the original that you can get.

All of the historical documentation in our collection is stored safely in the museum with archival quality protection and documentation. Contributing historical documents to the DUP collection enables others to enjoy them