Weber County Daughters Of Utah Pioneers Museum Board 

Board President ~ Sue Bybee ~ 
1st Vice-President ~ Marti Clayson ~ 
2nd Vice-President ~ Karen Stoker ~
Secretary ~ Renee Warner ~ 
Treasurer ~ Annette Christensen ~ 
Curator ~ Trudy Iverson ~ 

Weber County Daughters Of The Utah Pioneers Company Presidents 

Weber North Center Company ~ Rosemary Waite
Weber North West Company ~ Trudy Iverson ~ 
Weber North Company ~ Jean Branch ~
Weber North Company ~ Jean Wilson ~ 
Weber West Company ~ Linda Flumer ~ 
Weber Roy Company ~ Dorothy Fielding ~ 
Weber South Company ~ Willow Warren ~ 
Weber Far South Company ~ Mary Cornelsen ~
Weber Far South West ~ Diana Belnap ~​
Weber Far South Center Company ~ Sharon Sevy ~ 

If you have questions, personal issues, or concerns and would like to talk to someone
regarding the matter, please contact one of the individuals above.
You should hear back within 8 to 48 hours.
If you don’t hear back, we still want to hear from you.

​​Please send an email to

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Weber County DUP Museum