A Top Rated Pioneer Museum ~

Weber County DUP Museum

Weber County Daughters Of Utah Pioneers Museum Board 

Board President ~ Sue Bybee ~ bybeesue@gmail.com 
1st Vice-President ~ Marti Clayson ~ claysonfam@aol.com 
2nd Vice-President ~ Judy Parke ~ judy@parkefamily.net 
Secretary ~ Renee Warner ~ rnwarner@comcast.net 
Treasurer ~ Annette Christensen ~ richann49@yahoo.com 
Curator ~ Trudy Iverson ~ trudyrssec@yahoo.com 

Weber County Daughters Of The Utah Pioneers Company Presidents 

Weber North Center Company ~ Rosemary Waite
Weber North West Company ~ Joyce Larsson ~ jglarsson@comcast.net 
Weber North Company ~ Jean Branch ~ jim.r.branch@gmail.com
Weber North Company ~ Jean Wilson ~ jean@gnsd.net 
Weber West Company ~ Shirley Atkinson ~ lynnshirleyatkinson@comcast.com 
Weber Roy Company ~ Dorothy Fielding ~ dottiesue88@gmail.com 
Weber South Company ~ Willow Warren ~ willowmight@hotmail.com 
Weber Far South Company ~ DeAnn Hemsley ~ dathompson47@mac.com 
Weber Far South West Diana Belnap ~ dianabelnap@yahoo.com
Weber Far South Center Company ~ Sharon Sevy ~ sssevy@hotmail.com 

If you have questions, personal issues, or concerns and would like to talk to someone
regarding the matter, please contact one of the individuals above.
You should hear back within 8 to 48 hours.
If you don’t hear back, we still want to hear from you.

​​Please send an email to WeberDUP@gmail.com